When it comes to understanding the many options for smart speakers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As such, we’ve taken the time to do a comparison for you.

By definition, smart speakers are an internet-enabled speaker that is controlled by spoken commands, and is capable of streaming audio content, relaying information, communicating with other devices and more. At their best, these products can make a big difference in the day to day lives of their owners, and can resemble somewhat of a virtual assistant.

While 16% of all Americans now own a smart speaker, a whopping 85% comparatively own a smartphone. As the very first smart speaker only debuted in 2014 (Amazon’s Alexa system), the concept of them is still relatively new to the global market. However, as we increasingly rely on technology to help us navigate our day to day lives, the in-built artificial intelligence of smart speakers are becoming more valuable in the average home. If you’re toying with the idea of having one in your abode, it can be difficult to understand the differences between the growing pool of products. 

Comparing The Big Brands Of Smart Speakers 

The simple fact of the matter is that as our homes become smarter, the demand for a reliable digital assistant is also steadily increasing. This is something that the world’s biggest tech producers are all too aware of, with many releasing their own forms of smart speakers, each with a unique virtual assistant residing in them. If you’re unsure of how they differ, we’ve compiled a quick comparison of some of the world’s most popular smart speakers. 

Google – The most comprehensive and humanlike in its capabilities and responses, Google smart speakers like Google Nest work well in homes with existing Google products such as Pixel phones and Chromecast line. A highlight of Google-based smart speakers is that they allow you to send content to Google Chromecast with just your voice. It’s also very good at controlling first and third-party smart devices over a Wi-Fi network, though responses are typically considered to be a little slower than Alexa and Siri. 

Amazon – Regarded as the godfather of smart speakers, the Amazon Echo was actually the first of it’s kind to hit the market way back in 2014. As the only major virtual assistant that isn’t tied to an existing product or software line like Android or iOS, this arguably allows Amazon a little more freedom to partner with whoever it wants, which is why Alexa is more commonly found in external or third party products. Alexa has more robust third-party support, with thousands of ‘skills’ that can be enabled to perform specific tasks. 

Apple – While no conversation about the world’s biggest tech giants would ever be complete without mentioning Apple, in comparison to Google and Amazon, the brand only produces one form of smart speaker: the Apple Homepod. While not considered to be as ‘smart’ as Amazon or Google produced smart speakers, it does come widely recommended for homeowners who also have a variety of Apple products, particularly AppleTV. What it does have is great rave reviews about it’s sound quality, and is sure to get further tweaks in the years to come. 


Technology certainly is a wonderful thing, there’s simply no doubt about it. However, in order for it to stay relevant, beneficial and glitch free, the dark side of it is the constant updates that the humble consumer is required to keep up with. Thankfully, if you’re having issues with a device and are out of options, the good news is that help is only a phone call away. 

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