Whether it’s the software rollouts, games or gadget drops, here’s your SOS Phone Repairs monthly update on what’s happening with the latest November tech news. 

Technology sure is a wonderful thing, there’s simply no doubt about it. However, in order for it to stay relevant, beneficial and in theory glitch free, the dark side of it is the constant updates that the humble consumer is required to keep up with. Thankfully, there always seems to be a new way to streamline a process, eliminate a semi redundant task or even just a means to procrastinate thanks to technology – even the humble QR code has managed to change the way we work, play and essentially live. 

As a result, there always seems to be an onslaught of new product drops, software updates and even fresh games to hit the market that are regularly released so that we can make the most of this digital world – so what’s on offer this month when it comes to the latest November tech news?

Five Updates On November Tech News 

The end of 2021 is rapidly approaching, which means that the annual Christmas season shopping bonanza is just around the corner. As such, tech giants around the globe are dropping new games, software and devices left right and centre. For the savvy digital consumer who traditionally pays attention to these types of updates, we’ve deemed the below to be the most noteworthy in regards to November tech news to take note of. 

Pre-Order The New Pixel 6 – Google’s highly anticipated Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphone range is now available for pre-order in Australia, with customers able to place an order for a handset from the Google Store. As an extra incentive for shoppers, free shipping and a $150 Google Store credit is also on offer as a means to help sweeten the deal for those considering making the swap from Samsung or Apple. 

The Metaverse Is Here – It’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg is a fan of thinking big, and rebranding the Facebook parent company as Meta only solidifies this view. According to Meta’s press release about the long term goal of the “metaverse”, Zuckerberg’s vision for Meta is to create a digital world where users can virtually meet, work and play using a VR headset, glasses or your device – think of it kind of like a real-life video game.

Limited iPhone 13 Production – Thanks to the pandemic related shutdowns of factories and limited materials, the global chip shortage has been blamed for Apple producing less iPhone 13 models than it had initially planned for. While it’s likely Apple will eventually be able to increase production again in the early stages of 2022, the lowered production estimate means it’s likely to be even harder to find the already popular iPhone 13 in the upcoming coming months. 

Facebook Farewells Facial Recognition – Although it’s been an opt-in service since 2019, Facebook have announced that they will be doing away with the platform’s facial recognition features thanks to ongoing privacy concerns. People who had opted in would no longer be automatically recognised in photos and videos, and the tech giant has stated that they will be deleting the faces of over one billion users from around the world. 

Netflix To Launch Android Games – It would seem that dominating the world of streaming isn’t quite enough. As a result, Netflix is seeking  to break into the lucrative game subscription market, and has announced that it is launching its first mobile games worldwide, initially for Android devices. It’s development division has also stated that all users need is an active Netflix subscription, and that the games will have no ads, no fees, and no in-app purchases. 

Talk November Tech News With The Professionals

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