How Best to Dry Out Your Wet Phone

We’ve all been there, especially our adventurous friends. Whether you’ve managed to spill a glass of water on it, dropped it in the boat or at the beach trying to nail that selfie, or simply got caught in the rain (hopefully with a Pina Colada…), we recommend doing these steps as soon as possible to prevent water damage in your phone.

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1. Remove it from water ASAP

Seems like a simple first step but it does need to be said! Every second counts here, the sooner you can remove it from water and dry it, the higher chance it has of being repaired. The longer it’s left in water, the more chance that water has to seep into the phone.


2. Remove any cables that are plugged in

Water and electricity are not friends. If it’s on charge first switch it off at the power, then remove the cable ASAP, as the electricity can cause a short within the phone and create irrevocable damage.


3. Switch it off and dry the phone as best you can

We know switching off the phone seems counter productive, and it sparks all those ‘but it seems to be fine now, what if I can’t turn it back on?’ questions in your mind, but trust us on this one. If the phone is trying to operate while there is water inside, the heat created from your device can cause internal corrosion or damage in the mainboard.

When you dry it, the best thing to use is a lint-free cloth to absorb as much water as possible without any fragments of the cloth going into the phone, especially around any of the inlets (charging point and speakers). Please don’t try and dry it in the sun, use a hair dryer or (dare we even say it) pop it in the microwave (honestly, we’ve seen it all).

It’s also a myth that putting it in rice will help the phone – while some professionals suggest it may absorb some liquid, it can also introduce unhelpful elements, such as dust and starch.

We know how tempting it is to switch your phone back on and see if it’s working, but please try and leave it switched off for 24-48 hours so it can properly dry out. Impatience here could cost you a new smartphone.


4. Bring it in to an SOS Phone Repairer

Book it in (not on your water damaged phone) to your local SOS Phone Repairer. We can actually professionally dry the phone out for you for free, which is very helpful if you don’t have time to wait 1-2 day period.

Once we’ve dried it for you we can assess the damage and go from there. The quicker you can action all of the above steps, the higher chance we have of saving your phone.


What if I just got water in my speakers?

Repeat the above steps, and perhaps stand your phone up with the speakers resting on a lint-free cloth to see if any water drips out.


What if it just got a little bit wet and seems to be working fine?

That’s great that it’s working, but there could be residual water in the phone you can’t see. It’s a good idea to get it professionally dried anyway.

Hey, maybe even buy a life proof case while you’re at it?


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