As technology continues to advance it shouldn’t surprise us that robot food delivery is upon us.

According to The Verge, Uber has paired with Nuro’s self-driving vehicles for a 10 year partnership to bring us autonomous (which is really just a fancy way of saying robot) food delivery. By the end of this year, we could see these deliveries hitting the streets of Texas and California, cruising at a top speed of 70kms (45m) per hour with their grocery-filled driver-less cars.

Hello new-age technology.

A little about Uber:

Starting in 2009 when two friends found themselves stuck on a snowy evening in Paris unable to find a taxi, thinking ‘What if you could request a ride simply by tapping on your phone?’, this transportation company has quickly taken over the world.

Now operating in over 80 countries and 10,000 cities, its bookings generated over $23 billion in the third quarter of 2021.

Snow, Paris, and a multi-billion dollar idea? We wish we were the ones cold on that night in 2009!

A little on Nuro:

Founded in 2016 and now valued at $8.6 billion, this robotics company is designed for making peoples lives easier and save time, by delivering them items they need straight to their door (only without drivers). Nuro is one of only 3 companies to receive permits for automated cars in California, and is all about it’s green thumb. Reducing carbon footprints with its fully electric fleet, they also use ‘100% renewable electricity from wind farms in Texas‘ to power their fleet, and even have an environmentally conscious supply chain.

We are all about the sounds of this development, green thinking meets innovation. That’s what we love.

So what will this partnership mean?

Well, as we mentioned it’s a 10 year deal to bring automated driver food delivery that is starting in California and Texas, but we have no doubt it will be growing rapidly due to the individual successes of both companies. Uber will be using Nuro’s Gen2 fleet, which are half as wide as a compact sedan and shorter than usual cars. They can also carry up to 225kgs (approximately 24 grocery bags) and will be delivering from restaurants, supermarkets and other essential goods stores.

The real question is, how long until automated delivery will be hitting the suburbs of Australia?

According to the Daily Telegraph earlier this year, we were supposed to see these cars cruising around this year, but we’re yet to witness it ourselves or find any concrete evidence to back this up.

We imagine we can’t be far behind the 8-ball on this one though!

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