It’s that time of the year again tech-lovers. Today Apple have just released their iPhone 14 & 14 Max, and Apple Watch Series 8.

Let’s take a look at the latest specs, the new iPhone features especially have us super excited.

iPhone 14 & 14 Plus

Say goodbye to politely asking the bartender or the barista if they have a spare iPhone cord, or don’t mind popping your phone on charge for 30 minutes. This newest iPhone model has the longest lasting battery power yet, with up to 20 hours for iPhone 14’s and up to 26 hours for the iPhone Plus.

It’s also more durable, with a ceramic shield that’s tougher than any previous smartphone glass, and made with aerospace grade aluminium. The camera has also taken a level up with a faster and larger aperture, improving low light exposure by 49%. Say hello to nailing those perfect starry night sky shots.

But more excitingly than this (in our opinion anyway) is the SOS satellite emergency communication. This feature means your iPhone 14 can connect to satellite’s on clear nights to communicate with emergency services, even when you’re out of cell and wifi service. It can take as little as 15 seconds to send a message in clear view of the horizon and sky, or over a minute if you’re under foliage. It’s also set up that you can then respond with simple prompts to best answer your emergency situation. Pretty cool if you ask us.

The last spec we’ll touch properly on is the crash recognition, where your iPhone 14 is built to feel, hear and measure a crash by noticing sudden shifts in speeds, changes in cabin pressure (i.e. from airbags releasing), abrupt changes in direction, and loud sounds. If it thinks you’re in a crash situation, it will automatically call emergency services unless you opt for it not to. If you also have an Apple Watch, it will actually do this from your watch as it is likely to be closer to your body.

Way to go Apple, it looks like you’ve put a heavy emphasis on saving lives this latest upgrade and we are absolutely here for it.

They’ve also got a fun new Lock Screen where your favourite widgets are visible, and you can now even choose your font. Plus there’s that cool Dynamic Island where your front camera is, that is fully customisable and consolidates notifications, alerts and activities into one place.

While we’re on appearance too, if you’re looking for a reason to buy the iPhone 14 Plus – there is 21% more retina screen. We’ll just let that sink in.

Upgrades at a glace:

  • Longer battery (up to 20 hours for iPhone 14’s and up to 26 hours for the iPhone plus)
  • 21% bigger retina screen for iPhone 14 Plus
  • More durable
  • 49% better low-light photos with bigger and faster aperture
  • Emergency SOS Satellite Communication that contacts emergency services even when you’re out of wifi or cellular reach
  • Crash recognition that contacts emergency services without you reaching for it

Image source: Apple

Apple Watch Series 8

The new Apple Watch boasts the same two size options and design features as the previous models, with round edges and slim boarders, but with an option for an always on retina display. No more raising your wrist to check the time if you don’t want it!

Our favourite spec is one for our ladies, though. The series 8 introduces a temperature sensor that tracks your temperature even when you’re sleeping, so you can see changes over time. When combining this with heart rate and other cycle information you input into the watch, it makes it a lot easier and more accurate to track menstrual cycles and have a better understanding of potential ovulation for planning families. That’s pretty impressive.

The sleep tracker has taken a level up too, not simply tracking when you’re asleep, but how much time you’ve spent in REM, core and deep sleep, as well as when you might have woken up.

It can also measure your blood oxygen levels, take an ECG, and has the same built in crash recognition we mentioned with the iPhone 14.

Looks like we’ll all be living an extra few years, thanks Apple!

Wait, we’ve just realised we’re still writing this article and not lining up in store to get our hands on these two epic drops…. BRB


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