From Apple to Microsoft and even new laws out of Europe, get up to speed with the latest tech news with Codi, one of the SOS Phone Repairs founders.  

Whether we like it or not, the way we work, eat, and play has changed – and technology has a lot to do with it. When implemented well, technology can make all kinds of tasks faster and easier for those who have to perform them. 

The introduction of laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, voice assistant technology, digital whiteboard, wireless connectivity and all kinds of contactless capabilities has facilitated – and even forced – a noticeable shift in the very nature of how we go about our days.

However, the flipside to such advancements is that the technology used to power our devices is constantly changing, and will often require updates in order to keep them in tip top shape. To stay up to date with the latest advancements and tech news, SOS Phone Repairs founder Codi has collected a few of the more noteworthy updates so that you don’t have to. 

Five Updates On Tech News From Around The World 

Even despite what’s going on in the wide world, for the global tech giants, the show must go on. With the release of new games, software and devices still happening left, right and centre, the latest updates are always worth paying attention to. 

For the savvy digital consumer who traditionally follows these types of updates, the good news is that there’s been plenty happening on the technology front. 

Apple iOS 16 Soft Launch – At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2022, The company announced numerous software and hardware updates, including a sneak peak at the latest iPhone Operating System, or iOS. However, consumers will have to wait a little longer for its release in September, as it’s currently only accessible to developers to weed out the bugs. 

iPhones Introduce Safety Check – At WWDC, Apple also announced a significant new update set to be rolled out with iOS 16. Apple’s Safety Check is a new feature intended to be helpful for people in abusive relationships, and allows users to review and reset who has access to location information as well as passwords, messages and other apps on an iPhone.

Internet Explorer Retires – After a twenty seven year tenure, Microsoft has retired its original browsing system, Internet Explorer. In a submission to an Australian competition regulator’s review of the web browser market, Microsoft said its decision to abandon Internet Explorer was largely due to the fact web developers were less likely to make their sites compatible with it. 

EU Confirms Changes To Chargers – In tech news from the other side of the world, the European Union will require all new smartphones and tablets sold within its borders to have a common charging port by 2024 – and laptops by 2026 – under a new provisional agreement, pushing technology companies such as Apple to fall in line with other smartphone makers.

Sony Speculates On Camera Technology – Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) President and CEO Terushi Shimizu recently stated that Sony believes that smartphone camera image quality is on a tempo to eclipse that of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras within a few years. Shimizu cited the developments in Sony technology as the reason for his hypothesis. 

Although we live in an increasingly digital age, technology has also brought with it an extra set of distractions on top of whatever happens to pop up during our day to day lives. If you’re looking to improve your selfie game, want to learn more about your smart phone’s camera, or even need some help in choosing the right type of device based on your needs, it’s always worth speaking to the professionals. 


Talk Tech News With The Professionals

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