Whilst there are some lower-priced brands available, the big players like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei are still able to charge a small fortune for their products. So, if you want quality, and the kudos, of owning the best phones, be prepared to shell out. The two main ways to do this are signing up for a contract or buying the handset outright. Understandably, two-thirds of us go for the contract option. That’s not to say mobile contracts are cheap, but it’s a way of spreading the cost over a one, two, or three year period. But there are cost penalties. So, why not consider a refurbished phone?

Not surprisingly then, some customers realise they can potentially save hundreds of dollars by opting to buy the phone outright and getting on a SIM-only deal. Just one thing, the top 5 brand phones are damn expensive! So, let’s have a look at the advantages of opting for a refurbished mobile phone.

A Refurbished Phone Can Be Like Brand New

Buying a refurbished phone isn’t the same as buying a used phone from a mate or eBay. Rest assured, a refurbished phone has been put through strict testing and quality control measures. Moreover, only phones that are 100% working are re-sold. Once the phone is thoroughly tested, they are graded depending on the external wear and general physical appearance. And, you can expect a decent warranty. The result for the customer is an ‘as new’ condition phone at a fraction of the usual price tag.

Finally, A Bargain!

Given that brand new phones depreciate rapidly after launch, a refurbished mobile looks like an even bigger bargain. In fact, recent research indicates that new smartphones can lose as much as 70% of their value in the first year.

No Inflated Contract Fees

The fact is, if you start a contract, the lion’s share of the cost will be going towards paying off the phone. The remainder, the tariff part, is a small fraction of the overall monthly bill. So, a SIM-only contract will save you heaps each and every month.

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