These days, phone manufacturers don’t allow easy access to replace your mobile phone battery. Consequently, phone batteries should be replaced by phone repair specialists. Also, try to choose one that offers a warranty with their work. Your mobile phone battery should give you good service, certainly for as long as your contract. However, there are several ways you can degrade your battery and consequently reduce its lifespan. In this article, we’re going to be looking at 2 different issues. Firstly, how to extend your phone battery lifespan. And, secondly, how to improve your phone battery life, i.e. increase how long a single charge will last.

1. What Degrades Your Phone Battery Life?

Every time you charge your battery, you degrade it slightly. Officially, phone manufacturers claim a battery will degrade by 20% after 400 complete charge cycles. Obviously, there are lots of variables, and this figure varies down to as low as 100 cycles to up to 1000. So, the less you drain and charge your battery, the longer it will last. Also, slow charging your battery will help too. Current wisdom concerning charge amounts seems to recommend keeping your battery around 50% charge. So, never fully charge or fully discharge your battery.

2. Avoid temperature extremes

Your battery will be adversely affected by extreme heat and cold.

3. Turn Down Screen Brightness

Obviously, turning down your mobile phone’s screen brightness will save energy. Therefore, make sure you enable Auto-screen brightness on your device. This will adjust screen brightness depending on ambient light conditions.

4. Extend Phone Battery Life by Reducing Auto-lock Time

With a bit of trial and error, you can decide on the minimum Auto-lock time that suits you. For an Android phone, an app called Tasker can activate different Auto-lock times for each separate app.

5. Choose Dark Mode

Selecting a dark theme can save battery life. This is particularly relevant for more modern OLED screens. Also, dark themes are easier on the eyes and mean less blue light which can interfere with sleep patterns.

6. Look for Battery Hungry Apps

Both iPhone and Android allow uses to see exactly which apps are using most of your battery life. For instance, a significant culprit is Facebook. Others are inconspicuously draining your battery by reporting your location and continually refreshing in the background. So, spend a bit of time deciding if you should just delete these offending apps or simply turn off background refresh and location settings.

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