If you’re the type who always has to have the latest games, devices and software, then the new tech coming in 2023 is rumoured to be worth the wait.  

Considering how much of us now rely on the internet to work, play, learn and even socialise, it’s easy to understand why many people get excited about the prospect of new tech. While we won’t be living in a VR friendly Meta wonderland anytime soon, there still are some pretty exciting products on the way to our shores next year. 

Five New Tech Additions Set To Drop Next Year 

In 2023, we can largely expect to see the continuation of innovations and developments in transformative technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), cloud computing, blockchain, and super-fast network protocols like 5G.

Although these might sound like big concepts, the reality is that many of them are already embedded in the devices we use while going about our day to day lives. Instead, we’ll showcase the new tech devices and products expected to hit the market in 2023.


Apple iPhone 15 – While Apple may have only just released the latest iPhone 14, brand fans are already speculating that we could expect the iPhone 15 to arrive in September 2023. A new report says that it could use a new Sony camera sensor to vastly improve exposure control, but could kill physical buttons for solid-state ones with haptic feedback.

The Expansion Of 5G – So far, one of the primary drawbacks of using 5G technology in Australia has been the lack of service and network coverage. However, with more towers going up in 2023, that will soon change – especially once Vodafone switches off 3G by the end of 2023, and Optus and Telstra committing to the same by mid 2024. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 – Current information on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 is based on rumours, which indicates that while the model won’t be a massive change visually, there’ll be some hardware improvements. Potentially, these may include a pixel-packed 200MP main camera, and a 40MP front-facing selfie cam.

Reality Pro VR Headset – Apple is likely to announce its first “Reality Pro” VR headset, which is likely to be the most capable standalone virtual reality headset in the world. While not yet confirmed, this could arrive as early as January 2023, and is said to be packed with features to compete against the likes of Meta Quest Pro.

Google Pixel Tablet – Just as Google Pixel phones have always utilised some of the best features of Android software, one of the most widely anticipated pieces of new tech coming in 2023 is the Google Pixel Tablet. Arguably designed as an attempt to take on the lucrative Apple iPad market, it’s also aiming to integrate with other devices made by the search engine giant. 

Although we live in an increasingly digital age, technology has also brought with it an extra set of distractions on top of whatever happens to pop up during our day to day lives. If you’re looking to improve your selfie game, want to learn more about your smart phone’s camera, or even need some help in choosing the right type of device based on your needs, it’s always worth speaking to the professionals. 

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