We know that mobile phones are a significant investment. Mainly if it’s the latest offering from one of the major brands. But when you consider the computing power, convenience and pleasure we derive from these ubiquitous devices, we usually think it’s a price worth paying. After all, today’s mobile phone is a lifeline. It keeps us connected to our family, friends and the world. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to look at ways to make your mobile phone last longer? Here are a few simple suggestions.

1. Buy a Good Phone Case

Some folks object to putting their beautifully designed smartphone in a bulky case. That’s understandable, but a decent impact-resistant case will help keep your phone in excellent condition. Clearly, many different phone cases exist. They range from simple rubbery edge surrounds to full-on military-style ‘bomb-proof’ models. Generally, buy a phone case that doesn’t add too much bulk but still offers a reasonable degree of protection.

2. Be Smart About Battery Charging

Mobile phone batteries can soon begin to lose their ability to hold charge if they are misused. Poor battery management can include; letting the battery go completely flat, charging the battery to 100% and leaving it on charge, and charging too often. A battery will last longest if it’s charged slowly and kept at around 50% charge.

3. Clean your Phone

Don’t let the grime and filth of everyday use build up on your phone’s ports and buttons. This can cause malfunctions. Consequently, try using a compressed air canister to blast the ports clean every week and wipe down with a micro-fibre cloth.

4. Watch out for Temperature Extremes

Mobile phones don’t work well when too hot or too cold. Either state can damage the battery and fry the processor. So, avoid direct sunlight, icy conditions and leaving your phone in the car.

5. Recycle your Old Phone

Keep your phone going longer by recycling it. Lots of people are in the market for a bargain smartphone. Plus, some phone shops are keen to buy smartphones. In fact, Apple will trade your old phone for a reasonable price if it’s in perfect condition and a later model.

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