In general, people seem quite happy with their current mobile phone. After all, we spend a fair bit of time researching which one to commit to next and we like to hang on to them. In fact, iPhone enthusiasts tend to keep their iPhone for three or four years, sometimes even longer.  So, even though you love your phone, it may be becoming slow or low on memory, perhaps it has some cosmetic damage, or maybe the mobile battery life is poor. But wait! Before you rush out and buy a new one, let’s look at some ways to keep your phone running like new.

Apply Software Updates When They Arrive

It’s important to download and install updates when they appear. This is for 2 main reasons. Firstly, they usually contain essential security updates and patches that’ll help keep your data safe. Secondly, they include bug fixes and software improvements. Often, these fixes will improve the responsiveness and battery life of your phone.

Free Up Some Space

People panic when it looks like their phone memory is getting full. Let’s face it, thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos will do just that! Now would be the time to consider a cheap cloud-based subscription so that your images and vids are stored online and not on your phone. For instance, Apple Photo and Google Photo are easy to use services that are cheap, quick and easy. And don’t worry, you can still browse all your images and instantly download them for viewing.

Invest in Mobile Battery Life

Reduced mobile battery life is a common issue across all mobile phones. In fact, both Android and iPhone allow users to see which apps are eating up their battery life and make changes. So, before investing, look up ‘Battery Usage by App’. Failing this, if your phone is showing a worn-out battery (look at Battery Health), consider buying a replacement using Apple’s battery replacement program. If your phone is under warranty, a replacement should be free.

Protection for Your Phone

Some folks are purists about their phone’s design and they don’t like to compromise it with a case. However, although mobiles are far more robust than ever, it’s still worth considering a case or screen protector. There’s a huge range available ranging from minimalist to super-tough military-type cases. Lastly, phone insurance from your carrier or phone manufacturer may be worth having. Especially if you want protection from damage, loss and theft.

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