iPhone Tips and Tricks

From taking photos hands-free to charging your battery faster, these may be the iPhone hacks you wish you knew earlier! So, what are you missing out on? Well, you’ve probably only scratched the surface on what your trusty companion can do. There are dozens of little tricks and tweaks that can make your iPhone easier, faster and more fun. Moreover, with each iOS update, new features are constantly added, so it’s important to keep up-to-date.

Use a Different Web Browser

With iOS 14, you no longer need to be stuck with Safari. Instead, you can make Chrome or Firefox, or any other browser your default browser.

Add Captions to Find Later

To help you search for a particular photo or video, iPhone now allows you to add captions to both photos and videos. Simply swipe up and add your caption.

Respond to Individual Messages

During a busy group chat, you can now select the individual message you want to respond to. Tap and hold the comment and hit ‘Reply’, and then type your message. Now, your reply has started a new thread within the main message.

iPhone Hacks to Keep Things Tidy

Like most of us, chances are, you don’t use all of your Apps every day. So, to keep your screen clutter to a minimum, you can now opt to move unused Apps to your Library. Simply tap Remove ‘App’ from the app’s quick actions, then select ‘Move to App Library’.

Launch Searched Apps Faster

As you search for apps through the default Search tool, your phone will predict the best match and put it at the top of the results. If that’s the app you want, you can open it immediately by tapping “Go” on the keyboard.

Fastest Charge Eva

If you’re really up against it and need a rapid injection of charge, turn on Airplane mode. This way, all the background stuff and battery hungry connections will be temporarily shut down. Consequently, most of the incoming charge will then be going straight to the battery. Also, make sure you know all about battery life hacks here.

Fill the URL Address Quickly

Start by putting the website name into the address bar and then hold the period icon. A list of common extensions will pop up, such as .com, .com.au etc. Choose yours, and boom, it’s done.

Correct Siri

Sure, Siri knows her stuff, but she’s not perfect. So next time she mispronounces something, say, “That’s not how you pronounce ……” and Siri will ask for the correct way to say it. Furthermore, she’ll then repeat it to make sure.

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