Does it seem like your phone is losing charge too quickly? It may be simply that you’re using your phone more than usual, or maybe there’s a problem? Fortunately, Apple now provides a built-in tool that enables users to check their iPhone battery’s health. The battery health tool offers four main functions. Firstly, it allows you to monitor your charging regime and to check your battery’s overall health. Secondly, you can check to see which apps are the greedy ones and therefore make adjustments accordingly. Thirdly, you can enable Low Power Mode to minimise certain background activities. Lastly, iOS can run battery diagnostics and let you know if you need a new iPhone battery or not. For more information about how to charge your battery, go here.

iPhone Battery Suggestions

Beyond displaying the various diagnostic results, Battery Health also provides suggestions intended to improve your battery life. One insight is brightness. It’s incredible how many people leave their brightness cranked up all day and then wonder why they run out of charge! Other details include a graph displaying time plugged into a charger and when the screen was activated or not. The data display can even be switched between 24 hours or the last ten days.

Battery Usage by App

Scroll down further, and you’ll discover battery usage by app. Here you’ll find the battery hungry apps. If an app unexpectedly turns out to be a battery hog, but you don’t use it much, it may be continually sending data to its host. It’s probably best to delete it. The default display shows the percentage of charge used by each app. However, by tapping on an app, you can change it to the amount of time.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Essentially, if your iPhone doesn’t hold its battery charge as well as it should, and the battery capacity is low, then it’s probably time for a new battery. If the capacity is still high, you should delve into the apps and take actions to reduce their drain on the battery.

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