With a growing number of people paying attention to their carbon consumption, it makes sense that options for sustainable smartphones are soaring in demand.

While automotive production may be the sector that dominates the headlines for emissions, did you know that the tech industry is responsible for tons of electronic waste, and generates between 2% to 3% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions?

Sustainability has become a huge factor for many consumers, and a growing number of us are putting our money where our mouths are. While it’s gotten to the point where it’s almost impossible for brands to ignore this shift in sentiment, which brands are responsible for producing sustainable smartphones?

Our Buying Guide For Sustainable Smartphones

In the simplest of definitions, environmental sustainability is classed as meeting our own needs without compromising the planet for future generations to ultimately do the same thing. In a nutshell, the concept is to not inflict any further damage to the earth than what we’ve already managed to do.

When applied to sustainable smartphones, many brands are making a more conscious effort by changing how they produce, ship, and package devices. As most of the emissions that come from smartphones (83%) originate from manufacturing and shipping, producing a sustainable smartphone takes a lot more than using less plastic in the packaging – so what are our top picks, and why?


Apple 13 Pro – While Apple still has a long way to go before it can be referred to as an eco-friendly brand, the company is actively working towards hitting its 2030 carbon neutral target. As such, the Apple 13 Pro is made with 99% recycled tungsten (or wolfram), and its other rare earth elements are 98% recycled. According to Apple, the model uses less than half of the energy of its predecessor, the iPhone 12.


Motorola Edge – Famous for their flip phone that dominated the 2000s, Motorola has somewhat dropped off the map for consumers who now favour Apple and Samsung products. For shoppers on the hunt for sustainable smartphones, the Motorola Edge is a worthy offering though, as the company has removed mercury or cadmium from the batteries of all phones, and it’s also replaced harmful plastic PVC and BFR, a mix of synthetic chemicals.


Samsung Galaxy S22 – As the company’s premier option for sustainable smartphones, 20% of a standard Galaxy S22 model is made from reclaimed fishing nets – one of the biggest sources of ocean plastic pollution. In addition to this unique selling point, there are also recycled post-consumer materials in the speaker, volume, and power keys, while all product packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and plastic materials.


Teracube 2E – For consumers who want a standard phone without the bells and whistles found in the more expensive models, the Teracube 2E is a high-concept phone with an admirably long warranty and some serious environmental credibility. Aside from being made from recycled polycarbonate with a biodegradable phone case, it also requires 50% less packaging than the competition. What’s more, is that for every phone sold, Teracube plants a tree.


Google Pixel 6+ – Beginning in 2022, Google has stated that all its products will include recyclable materials and is committed to making sustainable smartphones. As such, more recent models like the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro contain at least 45% post-consumer recycled plastic, and the case is also made with 70% recycled plastic. It’s also using recycled aluminium in the housing of the Pixel 6, and the Pro version uses 100% recycled content.

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