Considering that December is almost upon us, there’s no better time to consider trying these Christmas apps as a means to get in the mood for the silly season. 

Every year, just about every corporation and business jumps on the bandwagon to make the most of the season’s potential marketing payoffs. While not exactly in the spirit of Christmas, apps that put their own unique spin on this time of the year via enhancing photos, videos, or even themed games certainly have remained popular throughout the years. 

Regardless of whether you’re trying to shake off your own Grinch-like tendencies or are perhaps just looking for some innovative ways to keep the kids entertained, the good news is that there’s a wide range of both new and classic Christmas apps to add to your smartphone this year. 

Our Favourite Christmas Apps For Smartphones

Our smartphones are capable of some truly magical things if we know how to use them properly. Thanks to larger screens and more powerful processors, your phone can also double as a mobile workstation, calendar and even a pocket organiser, letting you tackle tasks when you’re out and about. Although Christmas apps are certainly not regarded as one of the most productive ways to use the technology readily available at our fingertips, it is called the silly season for a reason.

Elf Yourself – As one of the most famous Christmas apps, Elf Yourself is an interactive website and app where visitors can upload the faces of themselves or their friends, and have the option to post the created video to other sites or just save it as a personalised mini-film. Globally, over two billion elves have been created since the application was first introduced in 2006. 

Christmas Countdown – Whether you’re a big kid getting ready for December 25th or perhaps a little one who is just enjoying the season, Christmas Countdown was designed to be somewhat of a virtual advent calendar. With its primary drawcard being that the free version doesn’t have any advertising, the app also gives its users a free ‘gift’ every day until Christmas arrives. 

A Call From Santa – If you have some true believers in your household, then this is the perfect app to keep that faith alive right through the festive season. Simply enter some information such as your kid’s age and interests, as well as the reason for the call, and then schedule the phone call and when it rings, give the smartphone to your child and boom – Santa calls!

Christmas Sweeper 3 – If you’re an avid fan of Candy Crush but want to upgrade to something more seasonally appropriate, then Christmas Sweeper 3 has got you covered. While the fundamentals are more or less the same, users can play by matching Christmas-related objects in groups to level up, such as bauble style ornaments, Christmas trees and gingerbread men. 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Slightly different than the more traditional Christmas apps, How The Grinch Stole Christmas is more or less a standalone motion comic version of the classic tale from Dr. Suess. If your kids aren’t familiar with the story, it’s a new and exciting format to keep them interested while still promoting time to read together at home. 

While many smartphone users have a few tried and true Christmas apps that they download and then delete again every year, the beauty of technology is that there’s always a new annual release to look forward to.

Making The Most Of Your Smartphone 

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