While artificial intelligence is already changing how we go about our day to day lives, what are the key AI technology trends to watch in the years to come?

If you believe how AI technology is depicted in films such as The Matrix or Ex Machina, artificial intelligence should be treated with caution. Like it or not, the third generation of the internet is coming, and for some – Web 3.0 is already here. 

New capabilities such as Semantic Web and machine learning all have the potential to greatly increase application in new areas, but advancements in artificial intelligence are set to bring some of the biggest leaps into the future.

How AI Technology Is Shaping The Future 

In its simplest form, artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals including humans. Typically rolled out to complete tasks that are usually done by humans as they require human intelligence and discernment, whether users realise it or not, AI technology is already powering many processes in our day to day lives. 

In fact, common examples of AI technology at work today include robots used for manufacturing, self-driving cars, automated financial investing and even virtual assistants commonly deployed as a substitute for human customer service agents. When appropriately used, AI ultimately helps to drive down cost and time it takes to perform a task. 

As time goes on, the capabilities of artificial intelligence continue to advance. While the next decade is set to welcome significant advancements such as 6G mobile network coverage, service robots, increased blockchain usage and even autonomous cars, what role does AI have to play in the years to come?

Enhanced Cyber Security – AI technology in cybersecurity does cover things that its current automation systems can handle, like the routine storage and securing of data. However, it also goes one step further and assists with highly advanced tasks such as powering intelligent analytics to detect potential threats or patterns pointing to nefarious intentions.


Overcome Skills Shortages – Like many other countries, Australia is struggling with an ongoing skills shortage. As AI technology continues to advance, machines and robots may help to bridge the gap. Despite already being used in many factories and manufacturing settings, these types of machines may yet have a bigger part to play. 


Transport Integration – Human error is one of the biggest dangers out there on the open road, but AI is set to help minimise the risks. AI will become more ingrained in transportation and road safety, with AI-enabled cameras and sensors built into both commercial and personal vehicles to prevent distracted, drowsy, impaired and even drunk driving.


Streamline Healthcare – As a means to help alleviate the pressure that many hospitals and clinics face right around the world, AI technology may help with tasks that range from simple to complex, taking care of records, therapeutic drug and device design, reading radiology images, making clinical diagnoses and treatment plans, and even talking with patients.


Ethics And Regulations – One of the key trends to monitor for the future of AI is how countries regulate its usage, and what types of AI are deemed both ethical and appropriate. In fact, the European Union is already ahead of the pack, and has gone as far as prohibiting certain types of AI technology for use outside of the military. 

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Five AI Technology Trends To Watch