Whether it’s the software rollouts, games or gadget drops, here’s your SOS Phone Repairs monthly update on what’s happening with the latest February tech news.

Technology sure is a wonderful thing, but in order for it to stay relevant, beneficial and glitch free, the dark side of it is the constant updates that the humble consumer is required to keep up with. Thankfully, there always seems to be a new way to streamline a process, eliminate a semi redundant task or even just a means to procrastinate thanks to technology – even the humble QR code has managed to change the way we work, play and essentially live. 

As such, it’s almost inevitable that there always seems to be an onslaught of new product drops, software updates and even fresh games to hit the market that are regularly released so that we can make the most of this digital world – so what’s on offer this month when it comes to the latest February tech news?

The Latest February Tech News Explained 

With the start of a new year well and truly underway, tech giants around the world have still been dropping new games, software and devices left right and centre. However, it’s also the perfect time of the year for whispers to circulate as to what we can expect in the next twelve months ahead. For the savvy digital consumer who traditionally pays attention to these types of updates, we’ve deemed the below to be the most noteworthy in regards to February tech news. 

Chip Shortage Continues – The prolonged global chip shortage has upended the way automakers churn out new vehicles, driven up prices of televisions and has even made hot products like Sony’s PlayStation 5 nearly impossible to buy. All signs suggest we’re still not out of the woods, with the shortage predicted to continue until at least mid to late 2022. 

Apple SE Enters Production – A new leak from Silicon Valley claims that production will begin on the next iPhone SE in January, with a launch date pencilled in for April or May this year instead of the usual September. The forthcoming iPhone SE would be the third generation of the model, and it is believed to be adding 5G and other updates instead of a full scale redesign. 

PlayStation Goes Virtual – Riding on the recent news and surrounding buzz of the upcoming Metaverse, PlayStation has made announcements on their own next generation virtual reality system for the PS5 console, starting with the official name: PlayStation VR2, and the new VR controller: PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.

Prime Drops LOTR Trailer – While we’re all excited to see what the heck Amazon Prime’s upcoming Lord Of The Rings series is going to look like, fantasy nerds can now get a sneak peak via its first trailer. The story takes place during the Second Age and the creation of the rings, so viewers are excited to get to know the origins of Sauron as well. 

OnePlus Pro Is Here – The OnePlus 10 Pro is the latest addition to OnePlus’s impressive line-up of smartphones, and the early signs suggest this is a premium device with a design to match, without the extravagant price tag that normally follows. Marketed as a mid range smart phone, the newest offering from OnePlus is slim, with a triple camera array to boot. 

Although we live in an increasingly digital age, technology has also brought with it an extra set of distractions on top of whatever happens to pop up during our day to day lives. If you’re looking to improve your selfie game, want to learn more about your smart phone’s camera, or even need some help in choosing the right type of device based on your needs, it’s always worth speaking to the professionals. 

Talk February Tech News With The Professionals

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