Factory reset or hard reset is essential if you want to sell your phone. Basically, the process will completely wipe the contents and custom settings from your phone and return it to its factory settings. Furthermore, a factory reset can help to fix certain errors or issues. Below is a quick guide on how to perform a ‘hard reset’.

Erase Data on iPhone

Wait! Before you erase your data, make sure you have an up-to-date backup. You can do this via iTunes or iCloud. Additionally, turn off ‘Find My Phone’ by going Settings – iCloud – Find My Phone and switch to Off.

Backup iPhone with iTunes

First, connect your phone to iTunes. Next, ensure Summary is selected in the left-hand column. Now, choose ‘This Computer’ and to be safe, select ‘Encrypt iPhone Backup’, this way passwords can also be backed up securely.

Backup iPhone with iCloud

Most iPhones will already be backing up to the cloud automatically. To check, go to Settings – iCloud – Backup. To be sure, you can select ‘Backup now’.

Now that your precious data is backed up, you can choose to factory reset your iPhone via iTunes or directly from the phone settings.

Factory Reset with iTunes or with iPhone Settings

To reset your phone using iTunes, simply connect as before and opt for ‘Restore’. Again, make sure you’ve turned off Find My Phone first. Your computer will erase all data and install the latest iOS. To erase and reset your iPhone using the phone settings go to Settings – General – Reset.

Help! I can’t restore iPhone to Factory Settings

If you’re having problems with a reset or restore, you have a couple of options. Either contact Apple Support for further help or call us at SOS Phone Repairs for expert and friendly advice.