Right after you pick up your dropped phone and realise to your dismay that the screen has indeed cracked, you’re hit with the second frustrating fact. Yep, now you’ve also got to find the cash, and the time, to repair your cracked phone screen. At this stage, it can be tempting to avoid a screen repair and carry on using the cracked screen. However, there are good reasons not to procrastinate! So, let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons to repair a cracked phone screen.

1. The Problem Can Quickly Get Worse

The obvious downsides of a cracked screen include poor legibility and function loss. But not so obvious is that your phone’s glass screen also maintains your phone’s integrity and strength. So, without an intact screen, the whole device becomes weaker and more flexible. This often leads to the initial problem getting worse, and quickly.

2. You May Cut Yourself

A shattered phone screen is annoying but it’s also dangerous. Incredibly, according to Business Insider, we touch our phone screens about 2600 times a day. This creates a lot of opportunities to receive a nasty cut or transfer a fragment of glass to your face or even into your food.

3. Your Phone is Exposed

Once your phone screen is cracked, you’re leaving it open to further damage. This is because your screen keeps your phone hermetically sealed. So, moisture, dust, and dirt, all pose a threat to the internal electronics of your phone.

4. A Cracked Phone Screen May Cause Malfunctions

Initially, your phone may keep functioning normally but sooner or later it’ll begin to malfunction. Touch screen tech needs a perfect surface to work correctly. Consequently, the longer you use your cracked screen, the greater the chances of internal contamination and phone failure.

5. Deciphering Your Display Becomes Difficult

It’s no fun trying to work out the wording of a mate’s Facebook post through a cracked screen. Moreover, try using Google maps to navigate!

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