We all carry our mobile phones with us almost everywhere we go. Consequently, we expose them to all kinds of situations and hazards likely to cause damage. Manufacturers do build phones to withstand drops, bashes, scratches and even water, but they have their limits. We all know that feeling of dread when you drop your phone, it lands hard, face down on the pavement. Then, as you reach down to pick it up, you’re praying not to see a shattered screen. Well, here are some simple tips to avoid that dread and to help avoid having a broken phone.

1. Buy a Good Case

This is probably the most effective way to avoid a broken phone. That said, there’s no need to go for a crazy super-chunky bomb-proof case! In fact, good cases are often slim, light and well designed. Essentially, you need to protect the corners and the back and front from scratches. Some cases have a protective screen cover but often just having a raised rim on the case is enough to protect it. Alternatively, look at the many wallet/phone case combo’s out there.

2. Give Your Phone a Bit of TLC

A regular clean and wipe down works wonders to prevent a broken phone. Not only will a build-up of grime effect how your touch screen works, but it can also cause port failure. Furthermore, if you’re having trouble charging your phone, check the power port for debris. Dust and fluff often build up in the port and prevent a good connection to the charger. So, try carefully clearing the port with a cotton bud or toothpick. Go easy, you don’t want to damage it. If this still doesn’t work, drop into a phone repair shop.

3. Sitting On It Will Mean a Broken Phone

It’s a good idea to get out of the habit of putting your phone in your back pocket. After all, sitting on a wafer-thin piece of glass and delicate microchips usually doesn’t end well. Also, keep your keys and coins out of your phone pocket.

4. Buy Good Quality Chargers and Cables

Right, so you’ve invested in a $1000.00 miniature super-computer that also makes phone calls. Now is not the time to just plug it into anything. Most phones need a specific power (amps) and voltage for them to charge efficiently and safely. So, avoid the $10.00 copy and buy the original OEM chargers if you can. Or, make sure the cheaper one is an accredited manufacturer. Believe me, getting this wrong can end in disaster.

5. Use a Screen Protector

There’s no doubt that modern mobile phone screens are a triumph of technology. However, they are also the weakest part. So, for just a few dollars, you can add a strong layer of protection from scratches, dirt and drops with a simple screen protector. Furthermore, a replacement can be popped on in seconds with just your fingernails and a clean cloth.

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