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Meet Joel: The New Face Behind SOS Phone Repairs Bathurst

Today, we introduce Joel, the new owner of SOS Phone Repairs in Bathurst. In a candid conversation, he shares about his journey, passion, and vision for the new store.

Joel, what’s your story? How did you get involved with SOS Phone Repairs?

Joel: Back in 2013, I lost someone very dear to me, My nan. Her life’s philosophy revolved around helping others, and I’ve always wanted to continue that legacy. While I initially aspired to become a doctor to save lives, I realized that fixing phones is also about helping people. Phones are integral to people’s lives these days. I had the privilege of working at SOS Phone Repairs in Tamworth, alongside mentors like Codi & Danny and owners of the store. Doug and Latiecha. Training with them inspired me to start my own venture, and that’s how I’ve arrived at where I am today with SOS Phone Repairs Bathurst.

Bathurst is renowned for its motorsport legacy. How do you plan to weave your store into the fabric of this community?

Joel: While motorsport is a major highlight of Bathurst, at its core, the town thrives on its close-knit community vibes. My family originating from bathurst, owned Mcgrath Motors whom serviced many holden vehicles across its lifetime. hence the major connection to HRT (holden racing team) and motorsport within bathurst. I plan to support local teams, races, and most importantly, local businesses. It’s all about strengthening community ties and establishing mutual support.

As you embark on this journey, what excites you the most about joining the SOS Phone Repairs family?

Joel: Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in family businesses, particularly in hospitality. Having something of my own, something I can shape and mold, has always been a dream. The opportunity to face and overcome the challenges this venture presents truly excites me.

Share a moment related to phone repairs that cemented your decision to be part of this franchise

Joel: When I moved to coffs harbour in 2015 I became close friends with the company owners Cody & Danny. Over the years of knowing them and watching their love, passion and drive for the industry and helping others not only inspired but solidified my decision to be part of this franchise. Also, Back in 2021, while working at the Tamworth SOS store, an elderly woman came in distressed. She had accidentally dropped her phone in water, risking the loss of cherished photos of her grandchildren. Helping her recover those irreplaceable memories gave me immense satisfaction. That moment solidified my commitment to this line of work.

Bathurst has a distinct vibe. How will you ensure your store stands out among other phone repair services in the area?

Joel: Bathurst does have multiple phone repair shops, but what sets us apart is our range and quality of services. For instance, we are the only store in Bathurst that offers hydro screen protectors. More importantly, we’re an Australian-operated venture, driven by the enthusiasm of a young entrepreneur. We aim to provide solutions that others might not offer.

 Beyond business, tell us about your personal interests and hobbies

Joel: Cooking has always been a passion. I’ve spent years working in my family’s restaurants, and I currently assist another local eatery over the weekends. Motorsports, influenced by my family’s ties to Bathurst, is another love. Plus, I have a keen interest in all things technical, from gaming consoles to gadgets. Oh, and I must mention my fondness for whiskey!

Who has been a guiding star in your life, especially regarding your approach to business?

Joel: Many have influenced my journey, but my grandmother stands out as a key role model. My grandparents, alongside my parents, have taught me a lot about business and life. Their experiences, along with my time working at the franchise with the owners Codi and Danny and with mentors like Doug and Latiecha who own so many successful SOS locations, have shaped who I am today.

 Lastly, give us a quick snapshot of who Joel is

Joel: I’m a 21-year-old Country boy  from Tamworth, having spent my school years in Cessnock, New South Wales. Moved to Coffs Harbour in 2015 and grew up around my family’s restaurants, Farms and other businesses. I have a penchant for country music, all things animal related, a love for whiskey,  and an undeniable passion for motorsports.

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