You may have been following our Green Friday’s segment on our socials, and noticed we’ve been looking into how big companies and new technologies are making advancements for a greener future. If you haven’t, check it out! There’s some really interesting and exciting concepts arising.

Let’s take a look at how these pioneers in the tech industry are committing to carbon-neutral products, circular economy, clean energy for communities, and energy efficiency.

We were actually impressed with what we researched, and are grateful big companies such as Apple and Samsung are supporting recycling and making an effort to preserve the earth.


If there’s anyone that should be able to achieve this, it’s these two – right?

Apple: their corporate operations have been carbon neutral since 2020, but their plan is for all products to be carbon neutral by 2030. Through Restore Fund, they’re aiming to remove at least 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

We like the sound of that.

Samsung: in 2022 Samsung committed to planting 2 million trees and reforesting 200 hectares of land in Madagascar to offset their carbon footprint. They then gifted some of these trees to 211,000 customers, who can track the graph and impact their trees are having on the local ecosystems.

Clever marketing that benefits the planet? Yep, nice one Samsung. Can we have one?


This is where all commerce should be heading, recycling the old to create the new. Let’s see what their plans are:

Apple: they plan to responsibly source and recover materials, so that all their products are made with renewable resources or recycled materials. How great is that? All iPad models in their current line-up, including the new iPad Air, use 100% recycled aluminium in their enclosures.

Their single use plastic in their packaging is also down 75% since 2015.

Samsung: Similar to Apple, they’re striving for that circular economy of recycled materials. For us, it’s in the figures they share: they’re reused over 276,000 tonnes of recycled plastic in their products since 2009, and are on track to double this by 2030.

Both companies are also dedicated to improving durability so their devices last longer, keeping them out of landfill that way, too.


Renewable energy is a vital key for a sustainable future. Drawing from the earths natural resources to power our homes and fuel our cars, rather than digging it from the ground. Let’s take a look at where they’re at with this topic:

Apple: have solar projects in 7, second and third world countries, to help provide cost-effetive energy to communities facing energy challenges. Recently, they also brought renewable energy to over 3,500 South African households that previously lacked access.

For the people. Nice one, Apple.

Samsung: the information we could find here was for their production line, which we’re about. Their goal was for all sites in USA and China to use 100% renewable energy by 2020, but they beat that by a year. In 2019, they eliminated fossil fuel generated energy and replaced it with renewable energy from solar and wind.

We’ll admit it, we’re impressed.


Apple: power adapters use the largest amounts of certain materials, including plastic, copper, tin and zinc. By removing them from iPhone 12 packaging, Apple estimate they avoided mining over 550,000 tonnes of copper, tin and zinc ore.

It also avoids more than 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent to removing 500,000 cars from the road a year.

We’re sorry we thought we were losing out with that one, Apple.

Samsung: to reduce energy demand of electronics, they’ve committed to making their products more durable and energy efficient. Samsung’s energy efficient products reduce the average household’s greenhouse gas emissions by 5,500 pounds and their energy costs by 30%.

In this way, they’ve also helped avoid over 301 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions since 2009. Woah.


We know we’ve just given you a lot of statistics, but we wanted to portray that it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to technology and the draws on our planet.

We’re not saying there’s no need for further advancements, however, we are impressed. Hopefully big companies like Apple and Samsung continue making these commitments, and it has a ripple effect. Inspiring change throughout the industry.

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