We all love our mobile phones, but they aren’t perfect. They’re often running out of battery, freezing up, running too damn slowly or struggling to connect to the internet. And make no mistake, these problems are common to both Android and Apple phones. So, here’s a quick fix guide to some of the most common Android problems that owners may face.

Dreaded Battery Drain

Many owner’s report Android problems such as their battery draining too quickly. Luckily, there are two easy ways to prolong your battery life. First, set your phone to Battery Saving Mode. Second, adjust your Brightness level. All too often, brightness is set too high, so bring it down to just below halfway. Ultimately, you’ll be surprised how quickly you get used to it and how much extra life you’ll get as a result.

Slow User Interface and Frozen Screen

Your phone will begin to slow down if its internal storage is filling up. Therefore, move photos and videos onto a micro SD or onto the Cloud. Also, delete any unused Apps and delete App caches. Finally, programs such as App Cache Cleaner and Clean Master are available for free from the Google Play store.

Connectivity Issues

If you’re having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, 4G or network, try going to Airplane mode for 30 seconds. This will effectively reset your connections and force them to try again. Also, try toggling individual connections if this doesn’t work. If this fails, you may need to re-input your network settings.

App Crashes

Annoying as they are, they can happen for lots of reasons. Start by closing the App entirely and then re-opening it. Next, check for an App update. Lastly, you may need to update your Android OS.

Android Problems – Unresponsive Screen

An unresponsive screen is super frustrating. So, before you chuck your phone against the nearest wall, just turn it off and restart it after 20 seconds. This will usually work. Of course, if it’s cracked or water damaged, then it’s time to take it to the professionals.

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