Whether it’s the software rollouts, games or gadget drops, here’s your SOS Phone Repairs monthly update on what’s happening with the latest October tech news. 

Technology sure is a wonderful thing. However, in order for it to stay relevant, beneficial and somewhat glitch free, the dark side of this is all of the constant updates that the humble consumer is required to keep up with. Thankfully, there always seems to be a new way to streamline a process, eliminate a redundant task or even just a means to procrastinate with technology. Even the humble QR code has managed to change the way we work, play and essentially live. 

In a nutshell, the onslaught of new product drops, software updates and even fresh games to hit the market are regularly released so that we can make the most of this digital world, so what’s on offer this month when it comes to October tech news?

Five October Tech News And Updates 

With the end of 2021 rapidly approaching and well and truly in sight, tech giants around the globe are dropping new games, software and devices left right and centre. Considering that Christmas is just over two months away, on a global scale, it’s a date that the tech giants are hoping to capitalise on. As such, for the savvy digital consumer, we’ve deemed the below to be the most noteworthy this month in regards to October tech news. 

Windows 11 Is Here – The often discussed successor to the popular Windows 10 came as a bit of a surprise to tech circles, but after months of speculation, Windows 11 has finally arrived. The best part? Other than the new range of features that include a whole new look, if you’re currently using Windows 10 and can meet the strict system requirements, Windows 11 is completely free to download. 

And So Is Microsoft Office 2021 – Just like Windows 11, Microsoft Office 2021 will be released in Australia on October 5. Beyond performance improvements across the board, highlights from the subscription based package include support for OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3, new Excel functions, a new presentation recording feature for PowerPoint, updated translation functionality for Outlook, and the inclusion of the increasingly popular Microsoft Teams. 

Apple Watch 7 Is Dropping – While Apple revealed it’s latest smart watch alongside the iPhone 13 and iPad Mini 6 just last month on September 14, it didn’t share a release date at the time of its unveiling. Confirmed to be released in Australia on October 15, the Apple Watch 7 looks like a modest upgrade with a larger screen than its predecessors, although the display is said to be as much as 70% brighter when compared to Apple’s previous releases. 

And So Is Google Pixel 6 – It’s starting to sound like the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro could be the most intriguing Pixel phones released by the Silicon Valley giant in a long time, with the company appearing to rebound from 2020’s disappointing Pixel 4a, 4a 5G and 5. Rather than releasing all the details on its new Android phones prior to their drop on October 19, Google is instead putting the focus on the new system chip called Tensor. 

Google Plex Cancelled – Back in 2020, Google confirmed that it was developing its own banking and personal finance service called Plex, with the concept being for consumers to have an app to simplify paying for things and managing their finances. Despite more than twelve months of work already being invested, Google has confirmed that it has cancelled the project after missing multiple deadlines and seeing key workers leave the company.

Want To Talk October Tech News With The Professionals? 

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