With the brand new Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro now available in Australia, are these new generations of smart phones really worthy of all the hype?

Like the Nexus line before it, Google’s very own line of Pixel smartphones represent the company’s vision for the optimal Android user experience. Needless to say, the Pixel is built to advertise Android at its very best. In turn, Android is becoming increasingly designed to create the best possible Pixel.

While regarded as one of the most innovative technology giants in the world today, Google isn’t generally recognised for its offerings in regards to the already crowded smartphone market place. With this arena already dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung, what could the new Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro products have to offer that the competition already doesn’t?

Reviewing The Latest Google Pixel 6 

Many smartphone users are unaware that it was the big wigs at Google that actually developed the Android operating system that is now widely used in many forms of technology. In the early days of Android, its competitors and users alike bemoaned the complexity of the platform. It lacked the elegant simplicity and accessibility of Apple’s ground-breaking iOS system, so Google worked hard to catch up and possibly even surpass its rival. In truth, the two platforms have far more in common today than features that divide them. 

As such, the latest Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro embody this perhaps more than any other device offered by the tech giant. It’s predecessor, the Google Pixel 5, was arguably the smartphone for users that hate using smartphones, as it still provided technology and innovation without sacrificing reliability and usability. It might not have featured all of the bells and whistles of more expensive competitors, but the image quality from the rear dual camera unit, water resistance, wireless charging and attractive price tag still made it a worthy alternative. With the arrival of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to Australian shores, that’s set to change. 

With the Google Pixel 6 coming in at $999 AUD and the Google Pixel 6 Pro slightly more expensive at $1,299 AUD, both models are marketed as “the best of Google, built around you”. It would seem that the company has finally started to lean into what sets it apart from the rest of the pack, as opposed to trying to replicate other popular smartphone models, particularly considering the inclusion of it’s very own chip system dubbed Tensor. According to Google, the AI based chip system has provided the tech giant with the means to power forward with new and exciting ways of harnessing technology. 

“With Google Tensor, we’re unlocking amazing new experiences that require state of the art ML –  including motion mode, face unblur, speech enhancement mode for videos and applying HDRnet to videos. Google Tensor allows us to push the limits of helpfulness in a smartphone, taking it from a one-size-fits-all piece of hardware into a device that’s intelligent enough to respect and accommodate the different ways we use our phones.”

The Google Pixel 6’s display is a 6.4-inch FHD+ panel, with support for up to 90Hz refresh rates. Unlike the pricier but larger Google Pixel 6 Pro, you don’t get the full dynamic refresh rate support for as low as 10Hz to preserve battery life, but users do get that faster refresh rate for smoother scrolling and gameplay enhancements in supported titles.

Apart from the new chip systems, one of the most exciting inclusions in the new generation of Pixels is what can only be referred to as the camera shelf. There’s a 50MP primary wide sensor joined by a 12MP ultrawide sensor. Google’s claim here is that you’ll get substantially improved low light performance from the Pixel 6 compared to previous generations, and that’s a big claim considering just how good prior Pixel generations have been in this specific area. However, the thoughtful inclusion of the shelf provides somewhere for your hands to grip when taking photos, reducing your odds of the dreaded screen smash that can arise from accidentally dropping your phone. 

So is shelling out for the new Google Pixel 6 or Google Pixel 6 Pro worth it? Well, that all depends on your own individual circumstances, but if you’re new to the smart phone arena or perhaps want all the perks without spending any more than you have to, then investing in a Pixel may be your winner. However, before you start shopping, it’s always worth consulting with the tech professionals to ensure that you select a gadget that’s right for you – but where do you find them?

Talk Tech With The Professionals 

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